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Ground Game® Social Polls automates matching your Facebook poll respondents to voters in the L2 registered voter database.L2 VoterMapping Logo

Modern political campaigns are data driven.  One of the most important aspects of any efficient political campaign is voter targeting.  Closely-contested elections are often won by the campaigns that are most effective at identifying supporters and then getting them out to vote.  Those targeted likely supporters are traditionally identified by door-to-door canvassing, phone polling/canvassing and analysis of registered voter data.

Ground Game® Social Polls adds an additional and extremely powerful means of identifying more supporters that requires virtually no effort by your campaign staff or volunteers.  Ground Game Social Polls literally automates the process of matching your Facebook poll respondents to their specific voter IDs in L2’s VoterMapping registered voter database.


Your poll respondents’ results from the Ground Game® Social Polls that you activate on your Facebook page will be matched (whenever possible) to their specific voter IDs and associated demographic information in the L2 VoterMapping registered voter database.

You can then analyze the voter and demographic profiles of the poll respondents on a question-by-question and answer-by-answer basis in VoterMapping, L2’s award-winning voter analysis and data selection tool.  You can even export the details of the matched voter records for use in your get-out-the-vote (GOTV) campaign leading up to election day.

With social media, political events now happen at the speed of light (quite literally) and never stop.   With Ground Game Social Polls, you can quickly tie into local or nationwide events as soon as they start to trend.

When a hot-button issue comes up you can immediately create your poll, post it on Facebook and start collecting information from your supporters or even your opponent’s supporters.   With polls you not only collect data – but you can also influence the narrative. Ground Game Social Polls makes collecting data and guiding the narrative very inexpensive.

Ground Game Social Polls does not require you to use Ground Game for mobile canvassing.   If you use both products, then the information you gather with your social polls is combined with the information collected by your canvassers in one handy interface: VoterMapping.
Creating and posting a poll takes less than 10 minutes.
Once a poll is posted on Facebook the results will start to roll in automatically. Ground Game Social Polls works in real time. Answers are usually made available in VoterMapping in a matter of minutes and your campaign’s social media coordinator can follow the effect as it unfolds.

Here are the steps required to launch Ground Game® Social Polls for your campaign:
• Call or email Moonshadow to set up a Ground Game® Social Polls account
• Create your survey/poll in the Ground Game® Social Polls web interface
• Activate the Ground Game® Social Polls app on your Facebook page

Contact Moonshadow  For more information about the Ground Game® Social Polls.