List Vendor adapts SaaS and adds revenue

by Eimar Boesjes on August 21, 2013

In 2010 Labels & Lists was selling voter files the same way it had been doing for almost 30-years.  Political campaigns would call up and place an order.  The records would be selected from the databases by database engineers and exported to a CSV or PDF file.  The data would be sent to the client and that would be it.  Each order was a one-time sale and most campaigns would only order the data once per election.  If the candidate would run for office again two, four or six years later then there could be a new order and new revenue.

VoterMapping maps all 156 Million Voters in the US to their address in Bing Maps

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GroundGame Changes the Way Canvassing is Done

by Abina Boesjes on August 20, 2013

The creation of a political survey on Ground Game

Door-to-Door Canvassing has always been an important part of political campaigns, and even in this technological day and age it is one of the surest ways for politicians to reach voters.  Though the results of canvassing haven’t changed with new technology, the way canvassing is done has. In the past few years, new applications have come available to make canvassing easier , more efficient, and less expensive. Pen and paper and data entry jobs have disappeared and been replaced with mobile devices like Ipads and Androids. Ground Game is a piece of software that allowed this transition to happen.  It gives campaign managers the power to organize walking lists using an interactive system based on Bing Maps, create their own surveys, and keep track of canvassers on the ground all in one single interface. It allows canvassers to then access the surveys and walking lists assigned to them on mobile devices and send their results back to the campaign instantly, without a data entry step.  This has made canvassing much more quick and efficient, allowing campaigns to streamline their resources and reach more voters daily.

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Door-to-Door Sales Enters the 21st Century

by Eimar Boesjes on August 15, 2013

Door-to-Door Sales will never be the same again.  No more random selections, no more knocking on doors without knowing who lives there, no more double visits, no more clipboards or hand written notes, no more losing track of sales people in the field and no more data entry (if it was even happening in the first place).  The Ground Game mobile app completely changes the way door-to-door sales are done.  Ground Game was developed for political canvassing and it has won numerous awards from political organizations.  It is now being rolled out for commercial use nationwide.

Sales Reps use a Mobile App and Sales Managers have an online interface in Ground Game

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Disaster Communications System

by Eimar Boesjes on August 13, 2013

Moonshadow Mobile and Labels & Lists have teamed up to create a system for communication between Emergency Management providers and the public during disasters. The “Disaster Communication System” combines the power of mobile apps and the imagery of Bing Maps with a complete database of the population in the US. The DCS currently contains data on over 150 million people on 110 million addresses. In the next six months the system will be expanded to include the complete adult population data in the US.

How to use apps with population data to communicate after disasters. Emergency Management and the Public communicate through mobile apps after a disaster has struck.

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Canvassing Young Voters

by Abina Boesjes on August 13, 2013

The Young Vote is an important demographic in today’s elections. Today, there are over 44 million voters under the age of 29 ( Census Bureau ) . In recent years, the percentage of young voters that are politically active has jumped, doubling, even quadrupling in some states . These new voters grew up in the age of the internet, and often have vast resources to inform themselves and each other, using social media and new online tools. These tools mean that gaining one more young voter on your side is powerful because they spread the ideas they believe in quickly through online media , making more voters interested in your candidate, policy, or product. In addition to this, energizing young voters is especially important to campaigns because people who start voting young often continue voting, and continue voting with the same or similar political ideals. Already major campaigns are targeting young voters. Whether you are running a campaign for a politician , political ideal, or for a product, it is important to utilize demographics to find people who are interested in your movement, and to ask them the right questions to mobilize them into action.

A Heat map of Voters under 30 in Berkeley, California created in VoterMapping

Universes are selections of people used to make the walking lists you can canvass. You can create them based on different demographics.

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Ground Game 2: Disaster Response

August 12, 2013

The frequency and intensity of natural disasters has been on the rise for the past couple decades, and scientists are reporting this trend is likely to continue. This trend has contributed to an increase in damage to infrastructure and only complicated the efforts of emergency groups to adequately respond to these events. With wildfire season upon [...]

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Using Ground Game Mobile Canvassing for the Affordable Health Care Act Outreach

August 8, 2013

Starting on October 1st hundreds of organizations will be involved in a huge outreach program to educate uninsured Americans about the Affordable Health Care Act.  Many organizations are planning to use the oldest tool in the world to reach out: visiting people door-to-door.  Health care organizations as well as insurers will have tens of thousands [...]

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Big Data + Open Government = Big Opportunity

March 23, 2012

Government agencies are releasing data in quantities never seen before. At the federal level the Census, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the EPA, the CDC, the Weather Bureau, the USGS and dozens of other agencies are releasing hundreds of millions of records annually, each. State and local government agencies are following suit. Private industry, as [...]

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Census Data

January 14, 2011

We’ve just added the Census 2000 data for all seven million census blocks and will add the Census 2010 block level data shortly after its release by the US Census Bureau in late March.  This makes possible quick and easy access to demographic information via an intuitive user interface that encourages analysis and better understanding [...]

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