Moonshadow Featured in The Economist

by moonshadow mobile on December 4, 2014

Income in Manhattan Income in Manhattan projected over Aerial Photos
Moonshadow’s Eimar Boesjes (COO/CTO) was a featured speaker at last month’s conference in London, presenting examples of Moonshadow’s latest big data visualizations. Kenneth Cukier, Data Editor for The Economist, was in attendance and penned an online article using one of Moonshadow’s visualizations (shown above) as a featured image.

Cukier’s article identifies an interesting trend about how data visualization is changing to encompass online interactive data that is alive, relegating static data visualizations as less relevant relics of the past. This evolution has been accelerated by the ubiquity of computers, tablets, smartphones and Internet-connected digital devices. It’s an interesting read at The Economist titled “The quick and the dead”.

Political Contributions by US Registered Voters 2012 Political Contributions by US Registered Voters 2011-2013
Boesjes presented several examples of Moonshadow’s work in London including the animation above which details political contributions of almost $2 billion made by more than 600,000 voters in the U.S. from 2011 through 2013. The data for this animation comes from L2’s database of 160 million registered U.S. voters available in VoterMapping. Click the image to watch the video.

At Moonshadow we’re gratified to see our data visualization work recognized in The Economist by Cukier, a respected author, speaker and authority in the world of big data.

Ground Game for the Incident Command System

by Stefan Safranek on November 19, 2014

Geologists estimate that the Pacific Northwest Coast has a 37% chance to be struck within the next 50 years by one of the most devastating earthquakes ever recorded. The question is not a matter of if this will happen but when, and whether or not we will be adequately prepared for it. Unfortunately there is no way for us to predict the precise timing of a natural disaster, however we can take steps to prepare and put systems in place to help mitigate the impact. The advent of Web 2.0, mobile devices, and Big Data technologies present a unique opportunity to prepare for and respond to these events.

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Microtargeting for D2D Sales with Ground Game 2

by Stefan Safranek on November 18, 2014

Utilizing big data to identify potential customers can be a challenge for any small business. With over 200 fields to search by, Ground Game allows you to easily identify, locate and analyze the customers within your target market using our extensive customer database containing over 200 million customer records. These fields can be combined into specialized filters to create targeted walking lists for your market segment. All information collected by your sales reps will automatically be uploaded back into the system, further enhancing your database.

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Income Levels in Manhattan

by Eimar Boesjes on October 27, 2014

The images below show income levels in Manhattan overlaid on aerial photo’s.  The income levels are shown from yellow for the lower incomes to red for the highest incomes.  Click on the images to zoom in.

Income in Manhattan Income in Manhattan projected over Aerial Photos

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Psychographic Analysis of Consumers

by Eimar Boesjes on October 9, 2014

Moonshadow has created Consumermapping, a tool to perform detailed demographic and psychographic analysis of consumers.  Consumermapping works with customer databases with millions of records but it can also be used for clients with smaller databases.  The technology can be used to analyze customers for businesses, membership for non-profits, subscribers for newspapers and much more. 

Moonshadow shows the address of millions of customers on the map. 3.4 million ACME Customers shown on 1.9 million addresses in the US


We will use Acme, an hypothetical company with 3.4 million customers in the US to show what you can do with Consumermapping.  The screenshot above shows the address for each of Acme’s customers and you can see that Acme has the largest number of customers on the East Coast.  Consumermapping has hundreds of demographic and psychographic attributes for each consumer.  The panel on the right allows you to open each attribute and instantly see the distribution of the customers for a specific attribute.  In the image above you can see that 51% of Acme’s customer are male and that Acme is most widely used by customers in the age groups of 40-49 (34.1%) and 50-59 (26.7%) by people who are likely to be married (90.8%).  The Occupation Group section shows that Acme has customers across all occupations.

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Data Density Maps for Registered Voters

September 25, 2014

Moonshadow Mobile has added a new visualization feature to its Ephemeris technology: Data Density Maps.  With Data Density Maps Ephemeris visualizes both the density of an attribute and the values of an attribute at the same time over a map.  The images on this page show both the population density as well as the Political [...]

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Shrinking Big Data

June 27, 2014

If you manage ‘Big Data’ then you’ve probably run into this problem: your Big Data is getting too big. Before you know it you are moving around files that take 20 or 30 hours to transfer and many hours to compress, decompress or even to back up. Six months after installing a new batch of [...]

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Ground Game Web for Phone Banking

June 5, 2014

As you probably know Ground Game with VoterMapping is the most technologically advanced suite of tools for online voter data analysis and door-to-door canvassing with iOS (iPads and iPhones) and Android (tablets and phones) mobile devices. We’ve also added a new desktop web-browser interface to enable phone banking. Your canvassing volunteers can login from their [...]

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Finding Customers for Residential Solar Installation

June 4, 2014

Residential Solar Installation is a new and emerging market. Like in all markets it takes a large amount of time and financial resources for businesses to find and connect with potential customers. Ground Game can help streamline your sales process by providing a steady flow of information and a set of organizational tools vital for [...]

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Track Your Field Teams

May 22, 2014

Ground Game adds sophisticated tracking tools With Ground Game you always know where your field teams are.  Ground Game is an easy-to-use mobile app with a customizable questionnaire for your sales reps to qualify leads on iPads and Android Tablets.

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