A Moonshadow Portfolio of Geospatial Visualization Images

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DB4IoT for Public Transit – Overview Video

As a public transit agency you’ve invested millions of dollars in equipment to collect data. You’re collecting passenger counts, speeds, delays, location, movement and more on every bus every few seconds. This data is a gold mine of valuable information that could enable your transit agency to better track performance. But there’s so much data that you can’t easily and affordably make it available for instant analysis. With DB4IoT you can! Watch the video to learn more.

DB4IoT – Heat Charts for Public Transit Data Analytics

DB4IoT delivers cutting-edge database technology, interactive maps and analytics dashboards for public transit. This image shows the number of passengers on TriMet Bus Route #9 Westbound during Weekdays on Powell from the intersection of Powell and I5 all the way to Powell and 40th. The image was generated automatically from data that was recorded on every bus that ran on weekdays between May 31st 2017 and July 9th 2017. The X-axis shows the distance traveled in feet along Route #9. The Y-axis shows the time of day. The number of passengers is called the “Estimated Load” in TriMet’s lingo. The […]

DB4IoT – Cellular Connectivity Interactive Heat Map

A cellular connectivity heat map screenshot taken from DB4IoT’s interactive public transit data analytics map and animation user interface. The connectivity situation can change minute-by-minute and day-by-day due to several contributing factors including weather, radio interference, the number of active connections to an individual cell tower, equipment automatically switching from one tower to another, overall network congestion, additions or reductions to the capacity of certain towers, various network changes implemented by cellular carriers and other factors. DB4IoT makes it fast and easy to analyze these changes.

DB4IoT – Data Animations with Interactive Maps, Analytics and Dashboards for the Internet of Moving Things

Visualize public transit data over interactive maps in real time and play back historical data animations with analytics and dashboards for the Internet of Moving Things – IoMT. DB4IoT delivers game-changing transit software analytics tools for transportation planners, transportation engineers and public transit agencies.

DB4IoT Route Analyst – Bus Speed Map

With DB4IoT/RouteAnalyst public transit agencies can look at each individual route over time and maps simultaneously to analyze how driving speeds, travel delays, passenger loads and headway change. This helps public transit analytics software helps agencies identify bottlenecks and ways to improve them. DB4IoT/RouteAnalyst is a very powerful public transit software tool when discussing traffic improvements with cities, counties or funding agencies.

DB4IoT – Analyzing Real-World Cellular Connectivity Metrics Over Time

Static cellular coverage and signal-strength maps can only approximate a basic overview. DB4IoT not only provides up-to-date, real-time performance maps but users can also pick any slice of time to view, visualize and analyze historical cellular performance in “playback” mode. DB4IoT’s Internet of Moving Things software allows you to compare fluctuating cellular performance levels encompassing the range of real-world situations your moving vehicles experience every day.

DB4IoT – A Week in the Life of MTA

Each week the buses and trains of the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) make over 150,000 trips. We thought it would be fun to visualize all these trips in an “animated map application”. The MTA animated map application shows the scheduled location of every bus and subway train at any time during the week over a map. This is another example of DB4IoT Internet of Moving Things software in action.

DB4IoT – A Day In The Life of TriMet

This DB4IoT video shows the movement of every Portland Trimet bus, rail and tram for a 24-hour period starting at 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 through 3:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 8, 2016. This is an example of DB4IoT public transit analytics and visualization database software in action.