Public Sites

Moonshadow works with large databases – from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of records. We visualize “big data” over maps, translating the raw language of data into useful answers by making it easier to navigate, search and analyze important data in more practical ways on both desktop and mobile platforms. Our patent-pending technology is blazing fast! Moonshadow’s intuitive user interfaces are built around the familiar Bing Maps environment, so it only takes minutes – not hours or days – to get up to speed. Side panel controls allow you to color, filter, target and visualize any data that includes a geospatial component by any combination of data attributes.

Most of the work we do is for clients with private data and implementations that are not accessible by the public. Here are some publicly-accessible examples of websites we have created that allow you to experience the power and speed of our technology in action:


Visualizing U.S. Census Data

Likely Ethnicity of U.S Registered Voters per Address

Sightline Institute
Video: Portland Population Growth 1990-2010

VoterMapping – Labels & Lists

ConstituentMapping – Labels & Lists