Open Government and Open Data

The “Open Government” and “Open Data” initiatives make government data more accessible and usable than ever before.  The Internet is the public space of the modern world, and through that conduit governments have opportunities to better understand the needs of their citizens and citizens may participate more fully in their government. Information becomes more valuable and meaningful as it is shared.

Publish Your Data

Open data promotes increased civil discourse, citizen participation, improved public welfare, and a more efficient and cost-effective use of public resources.  Open government and open data fosters a more transparent, participatory and collaborative government.

Public Access To Your Data In A Geospatial Environment

Moonshadow’s revolutionary data mapping and visualization technology is the ideal platform for providing public access to government data in an easy-to-understand geospatial environment.   We work with local, county, state and federal data sets of all sizes.  From overviews representing tens of millions of pieces of data to zoomed-in views that drill down to the individual details of an address, neighborhood, census block, tax lot etc. nothing works as fast or as easy as Moonshadow’s solutions.

Moonshadow’s intuitive user interfaces are built around the familiar Google Maps environment, so it only takes minutes – not hours or days – to get up to speed.  Side panel controls allow you to filter, target and visualize any data that includes a geospatial component by any combination of attributes and color the map markers by a variety of different criteria – all on the fly.  Easily switch from map to satellite or hybrid views.  Statistical counts and percentages are updated instantly to reflect your current map view as you zoom or pan.

A Few Examples of Data We Work With

Census Data
Zoning Data
Line Data
Tax Lots
Voter Data
Environmental Data
Public Safety Data