Census Data

We can import your data and combine it with the US Census data. Imagine the possibilities!

Moonshadow Mobile’s data mapping and visualization solutions thrive on speed and large sets of data – from millions to hundreds of millions of records – empowering businesses, organizations, researchers, government officials, candidates and many more to reach more accurate conclusions and make better informed decisions.

Heat Map of the Latino population in the Houston, Texas area.

It’s all about the quality of your data and the remarkable ways that Moonshadow makes it easy to work with. Our data mapping and visualization solutions are blazingly fast, intuitive and easy to use, running inside of the familiar maps user interfaces.

We’ve added the Census 2000 and 2010 block level data (Summary File 1) released by the US Census Bureau. See the results at CensusViewer™, a free online environment that visualizes the US Census 2010 and US Census 2000 population inside of Bing Maps.

The interactive website provides quick and easy access to demographic information via an intuitive user interface that encourages analysis and better understanding of shifting population trends. It’s an invaluable tool for planners, demographers, social scientists, news media, architects, real estate professionals, marketers, politicians, students and anyone else interested in the specifics of the US population.

Heat map of the African American population in the NYC area.

Generate images showing all of the approximately 300 million people in the US.  The data is shown as an image overlay displayed inside of Bing Maps. Zoom in to any level to focus on states, counties, cities or even individual census blocks.  The data images are regenerated and refined at any zoom level.  The underlying Bing Maps imagery can be changed from road to aerial view at any zoom level. Instantly view counts and percentages by age, ethnicity, gender and many other attributes as users are panning or zooming in Bing Maps.

Users can color the visualized data by age, ethnicity, gender, county and many other criteria. The data can be filtered by any combination of attributes at any zoom level.  For instance, demographers can instantly visualize all Asian males over 65 years of age across an entire state or in any specific area.  City planners can instantly see how many children under the age of 10 live in a certain area of town.  Our solutions display complete counts and percentages after filters are set.  After you filter by ethnicity, for instance, you can see the age distribution for a particular ethnic group in any area.

Most images appear within seconds so you see the effect of any edit almost instantly.  The speed relies on Moonshadow Mobile’s patent-pending visualization technology.  As a result of that speed Moonshadow can provide a dynamic environment in which users can set their own variables and generate images on the fly.