Data Mapping and Visualization Products

  • CensusViewer

    Breakthrough technology that powers census data discovery, demographic analysis and visualization over Bing Maps.

    CensusViewer displays hundreds of millions of individual records of census data, registered voter data and commercial adult population data inside of Bing Maps. CensusViewer includes detailed data about age, race, ethnicity, income, home value, presence of children, education, housing type, magazine readership, lifestyle etc.

    All census data is geospatial, yet traditional methods of accessing census data require text-based selections and sorting through many pages of tabular data. CensusViewer conquers those challenges and sets a new standard for ease of use in demographic analysis. The idea behind CensusViewer’s innovative solution is to use a familiar online mapping environment, in combination with Moonshadow’s cutting-edge database technology, to provide an intuitive platform for accessing and analyzing the data.  Visit

  • Ground Game

    Ground Game™ is an award-winning mobile canvassing application unlike anything currently available.

    Battle tested in the 2010 and 2012 election cycles Ground Game gives your mobile canvassing volunteers direct access to campaign-generated walking lists, voter survey questionnaires, current registered voter information and maps on their mobile devices.  Data collected by canvassers at the doorstep is instantly uploaded and updated in the campaign's master database.

    Ground Game’s combination of satellite and street mapping with accurate voter data is astounding! The affordable application comes with a sophisticated and blazingly-fast online management interface based on Bing Maps® and relies on Moonshadow’s proprietary, patent-pending data mapping and visualization technology.

    Ground Game is also a perfect solution for commercial canvassers such as residential home improvement and solar companies.  More details...

  • Big Data Visualizer

    Bring your data to life! Visualize your business data, resources and assets.

    As an essential part of business intelligence, data mapping and visualization allows you to see the concepts and results in more interesting and useful ways to make faster and better-informed strategic, managerial and operational decisions.

    A key element in disseminating vital data within your organization or pushing that information out to the public is data visualization. Wrapping your brain around massive amounts of data can be challenging. Sifting through large volumes of information in search of the most relevant pieces of related content can be difficult, even when you know what you are looking for.

    Contact us to discuss how we can implement your data within our “Big Data Visualizer."

  • APIs

    Application Programming Interfaces Moonshadow Custom Data APIs

    Moonshadow Mobile maintains servers with over one billion records related to the US population that are available through high-speed API’s. The following data is available through custom API’s:

    * Census 2010 Summary File 1: entire USA
    * Census 2000 Summary File 1: entire USA
    * Adult Population Database: entire USA
    * Registered Voters: entire USA

    All records have been pre-geocoded for display on Google or Bing Maps. Moonshadow’s API’s can return either counts, individual records or maps. All data is served from memory using Moonshadow’s proprietary search technology. In the population databases searches take roughly 50 milliseconds per million individual records searched. For the census block databases searches take roughly 10 milliseconds per million people represented.  More details...