About Us

Moonshadow Mobile, Inc. is an Oregon-based Internet technology company owned by a small group of founders and investors. We’re headquartered in Eugene Oregon, home of the University of Oregon. Our mission is to change the way people understand, analyze and work with data.

Moonshadow’s founders, software engineers, database experts and employees are all dedicated to creating innovative technology – creating transformative software that breaks barriers and makes new things possible. In the pursuit of this vision we take bold steps and make enormous sacrifices by refusing to settle for “good” or “excellent.” Nothing short of “amazing” is acceptable.

Moonshadow has developed breakthrough patent-pending technology to retrieve geospatial data at extremely high speeds – typically 100 times faster than competitors. As a result we can visualize databases with millions of records inside of Google or Bing Maps in literally the same time that it takes others to visualize only a few thousand records.

Moonshadow’s technology can be used for any type of geospatial data and we provide access to large databases in both online interfaces as well as within iPhone, iPad and Android environments.

Here are a few examples of current uses of Moonshadow’s patent-pending technology:

Moonshadow’s award-winning solution for mobile canvassing for political campaigns – Ground Game – was named “best mobile application” for 2011 by the American Association of Political Consultants. Ground Game was used in political campaigns across the country during the 2010 election cycle and was a difference maker for campaigns of both parties in the 2012 elections.

CensusViewer provides free public access to the US Census 2010 and US Census 2000 data on a state-by-state basis. The interactive website provides quick and easy access to demographic information via an intuitive user interface that encourages analysis and better understanding of shifting population trends. It’s an invaluable tool for planners, demographers, social scientists, news media, marketers, politicians, students and many others.

With the release of VoterMapping.com™, Labels & Lists, the most trusted name in voter data processing, created a voter analysis and selection tool unlike any other. This technology is crucial for candidates, consultants, pollsters, political party organizations, government agencies and public affairs professionals and is available from no other source. Through the use of proprietary technology provided exclusively to Labels & Lists by Moonshadow Mobile, VoterMapping.com allows users to display and analyze millions of voter records instantly, visualizing them geo-spatially over Bing Maps™ in real time.