About Us

Moonshadow Mobile, Inc. is an Oregon-based Internet technology company owned by a small group of founders and investors. We’re headquartered in Eugene Oregon, home of the University of Oregon.

Our mission is to change the way people understand, analyze and work with data. Moonshadow’s founders, software engineers, database experts and employees are all dedicated to creating innovative technology – creating transformative software that breaks barriers and makes new things possible. In the pursuit of this vision we take bold steps and make enormous sacrifices by refusing to settle for “good” or “excellent.” Nothing short of “amazing” is acceptable.

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Career Opportunities

Would you like to join a fast growing Internet company with an incredible technology? Do you want to exchange your commute for a short ride to the office? Do you love open spaces, mountains, hiking, skiing, the Pacific Ocean, fresh air, low population densities and low real estate prices in a stunning part of the country? This is your chance!

Our technology can be used for any type of geospatial data and we provide access to large databases in online interfaces. There is a huge demand for visualizing large databases in real-time with both government agencies at all levels as well as Fortune-2000 companies.

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