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January 6, 2017

PORTLAND, Ore. – DKS Associates and Moonshadow Mobile announce a new partnership to collaborate on the development and deployment of cutting-edge solutions for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and other data-intensive applications. The partnership will leverage DKS’s vast experience in providing transportation planning, engineering, and implementation services with Moonshadow’s groundbreaking time-series database engine technology.

Moonshadow’s “DB4IoT” is a patented database engine for the Internet of (Moving) Things. DB4IoT can track and display the GPS location, vehicle health, diagnostic, and other sensor data, from tens of thousands of moving objects simultaneously over interactive maps. This provides the ability to track, monitor, and analyze data collected from moving objects – cars, trucks, buses, trains, shipments, people, and more. With DB4IoT, one can visualize data over maps in real time and play back historical data animations, complete with data analytics and dashboards. DB4IoT shrinks the in-memory data footprint by up to 90 percent, reducing database server expenses, while simultaneously powering an unparalleled combination of data access, geospatial visualization, and analytics speeds.

“Our partnership will allow Moonshadow to work closely with DKS to deliver innovative technology for intelligent transportation and connected-vehicle solutions that push the envelope of what is possible and cost-effective for the private and public sectors,” said Moonshadow Chief Executive Officer, Eimar Boesjes. “We look forward to combining our time-series database engine innovations with DKS’s extensive expertise and proven track record as a thought leader in the smart transportation space,” he said.

“The transportation industry as a whole is extremely excited about all of the data that will be available as Connected Vehicles become a reality,” said DKS Associates National Director of Smart Cities and Connected Vehicles, Adrian Pearmine. “But along with all of this excitement, comes trepidation about how we are going to store, manage and analyze all of this data to turn it into useful information. This has the potential to transform operations and network optimization, as well as short and long term transportation planning efforts. We believe that Moonshadow has built a groundbreaking platform that will unleash the potential of Connected Vehicle data and we look forward to collaborating to build the tools and solutions that our clients are excited about,” Pearmine said.

More About Moonshadow
Moonshadow Mobile, Inc. is a database software company headquartered in Eugene, OR, specializing in the development of groundbreaking solutions optimized for blazing-fast geospatial visualization over maps. DB4IoT delivers real-time and historical time-series geospatial visualization over maps with data analytics and dashboards that provide actionable insights. or more information about Moonshadow, visit and

More About DKS Associates
DKS leads the way in employing transportation technology to better manage multimodal transportation corridors and provide real-time travel conditions to help travelers make informed choices. DKS plans, designs and implements smart transportation technology to optimize transportation network efficiency. Helping incorporate connected and autonomous vehicle technologies into broader regional transportation and smart city plans, DKS works with clients like Caltrans (I-680 Corridor Study), ODOT (Statewide Connected Vehicle Roadmap) and FHWA (Connected Vehicles & Smart Cities Primers) to incorporate connected vehicles and smart cities concepts into more traditional planning efforts.