Utilizing big data to identify potential customers can be a challenge for any small business. With over 200 fields to search by, Ground Game allows you to easily identify, locate and analyze the customers within your target market using our extensive customer database containing over 200 million customer records. These fields can be combined into specialized filters to create targeted walking lists for your market segment. All information collected by your sales reps will automatically be uploaded back into the system, further enhancing your database.


As an example, let’s assume that we’re selling sporting goods in Riverside County, California. The first thing we’re going to see is a map showing all of the people within that area, and a side-panel to the right. Our interface informs us that we are currently selecting 1,191,388 people. This number includes all adults in Riverside County, California that we have in our commercial database.

To narrow down our selection we’re going to open the age filter in the side panel, and change the filter to only include people between the ages of 19 and 55. Next, we’re going to filter our selections further to include only males. At this point we have 365,830 people and 299,225 addresses selected. In other words, it’s taken less than a minute to filter out more than 800,000 people.

We can follow this up by using our Mosaic Zip4 filters, located within our Commercial Data branch, to select individuals who have consumer behavior consistent with purchasing sporting goods. The Mosaic Zip4 selections we are going to use are listed below:

  • Sports Utility Families
  • Unspoiled Splendor
  • Destination Recreation
  • Stockcars and State Parks
  • Rural Escape
  • Booming and Consuming
  • Red White and Bluegrass
  • True Grit Americans
  • Work Hard, Play Hard

This will narrow down our currently selected people to 14,372. From here we will create a universe to save this selection, and purchase our selected records. For further information about the Mosaic Zip4 groups:


Lastly, we will use our array of turf cutting tools to divide our segment into a manageable number of walking lists based on areas such as zip codes or census tracts. Using the Ground Game 2 mobile app, our D2D sales reps will be able to download these lists onto their devices and bring them into the field, except this time all of the odds will be tipped in their favor.


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