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Ground Game® for the Incident Command System

Geologists estimate that the Pacific Northwest Coast has a 37% chance to be struck within the next 50 years by one of the most devastating earthquakes ever recorded. The question is not a matter of if this will happen but when, and whether or not we will be adequately prepared for it. Unfortunately there is no way for us to predict the precise timing of a natural disaster, however we can take steps to prepare and put systems in place to help mitigate the impact. The advent of Web 2.0, mobile devices, and Big Data technologies present a unique opportunity to prepare for and respond to these events.


Microtargeting for D2D Sales with Ground Game®

Utilizing big data to identify potential customers can be a challenge for any small business. With over 200 fields to search by, Ground Game allows you to easily identify, locate and analyze the customers within your target market using our extensive customer database containing over 200 million customer records. These fields can be combined into specialized filters to create targeted walking lists for your market segment. All information collected by your sales reps will automatically be uploaded back into the system, further enhancing your database.