Moonshadow has created Consumermapping, a tool to perform detailed demographic and psychographic analysis of consumers. Consumermapping works with customer databases with millions of records but it can also be used for clients with smaller databases. The technology can be used to analyze customers for businesses, membership for non-profits, subscribers for newspapers and much more.


3.4 million ACME Customers shown on 1.9 million addresses in the US

We will use Acme, an hypothetical company with 3.4 million customers in the US to show what you can do with Consumermapping. The screenshot above shows the address for each of Acme’s customers and you can see that Acme has the largest number of customers on the East Coast. Consumermapping has hundreds of demographic and psychographic attributes for each consumer. The panel on the right allows you to open each attribute and instantly see the distribution of the customers for a specific attribute. In the image above you can see that 51% of Acme’s customer are male and that Acme is most widely used by customers in the age groups of 40-49 (34.1%) and 50-59 (26.7%) by people who are likely to be married (90.8%). The Occupation Group section shows that Acme has customers across all occupations.


ACME Customers in the US with Counts per State

You can switch between a map background or a satellite background at any level of detail. In the screenshot above we the number of Acme customers are shown for each state.

The first step to get started with Consumermapping is to provide Moonshadow with a file with customer, subscriber or membership information. The file needs to contain at least a first name, a last name, a street address and a ZIP code. Additional information may include purchasing amount, product information, purchase date and so on. For non profits or news organizations the information may include membership start date, contribution amounts, etc. The data that a client provides to Moonshadow will be stored on secure servers and is not accessible to any other client. Moonshadow maintains a database with detailed information on over 200 million consumers in the US from L2. The customer file is now matched against Moonshadow’s population database. Moonshadow imports the records that it can match and attaches the client information to each matched record. This information is kept strictly confidential and it is available only to the client. Moonshadow also returns a file with unmatchable records so clients can review why records were not matched. The data is now available in Consumermapping for detailed analysis.


Estimated Income levels of 3.4 Million Acme Customers per State

In Consumermapping you can choose what attribute you use to visualize the data. In the image above the average income level of Acme customers is shown per state. The panel on the right shows a legend of the estimated income and colors the map from a light yellow for the lowest incomes to a deep red for the highest income groups. The graphs at the top show that Acme has four times as many customers in Virginia as compared to West Virginia. The red bars are larger in the Virgina graph and this shows that Acme has many more customers in Virginia with a higher estimated income than it has in West Virginia.


Number of Acme Customers per Home Purchase category in each County in Pennsylvania

In Consumermapping making a selection is as easy as checking a box. In the image above only the 156,464 Acme customers for Pennsylvania are selected by placing a check in the checkbox for PA. Consumermapping can instantly generate spreadsheets. The marketing manager for Acme wanted to look at the correlation of Home Purchase values and Acme customers per county. This image shows a spreadsheet of the number of Acme customers for each Home Purchase category in each county in Pennsylvania. Spreadsheets can be generated for any area and any attribute and this gives marketing managers an enormous power in analyzing their customer psychographics. With just two more clicks the spreadsheet is imported into Microsoft Excel for further analysis.


Home Purchase Price of Acme Customers in Philadelphia

With Consumermapping you can zoom in at any area. In the image above we are showing the Acme customers in the greater Philadelphia region. The customers are colored by the Home Purchase Price going from yellow for low purchase prices to deep red for the most expensive homes.


Future Acme Customers in Philadelpia

Consumermapping includes data on over 200 million consumers in the US. It not only shows the current Acme customers but it can also show prospects. In the image above existing Acme customers are shown in red and orange and ‘future Acme customers’ are shown in light yellow. Future customers can be selected using any demographic and psychograpic criteria. Lists with prospects can be exported out of Consumermapping.


Purchase History for an Acme Customer

Zoom in all the way to view individual houses and click on any Acme customer. In the image above the customer purchase history is shown as well as the projected reorder date.

Consumermapping is a fully interactive system that allows you to explore your customers and identify new prospects for organizations of any size. Contact Moonshadow if you want to gain a deeper insight in your clients.