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Income Levels in Manhattan

By |October 27th, 2014|

The images below show income levels in Manhattan overlaid on aerial photo’s. The income levels are shown from yellow for the lower incomes to red for the highest incomes. Click on the images to zoom in.

These data visualizations were created in the following way. We used the population data from L2 and mapped each address to a geographical location using Bing Maps. The L2 database has income information on over one million people in Manhattan. The base color of each geographical point was determined by the average income of all people on that location. Moonshadow’s Ephemeris software uses Gaussian curves […]

Psychographic Analysis of Consumers

By |October 9th, 2014|

Moonshadow has created Consumermapping, a tool to perform detailed demographic and psychographic analysis of consumers. Consumermapping works with customer databases with millions of records but it can also be used for clients with smaller databases. The technology can be used to analyze customers for businesses, membership for non-profits, subscribers for newspapers and much more.

We will use Acme, an hypothetical company with 3.4 million customers in the US to show what you can do with Consumermapping. The screenshot above shows the address for each of Acme’s customers and you can see that Acme has the largest number of customers on the […]