Ground Game® adds sophisticated tracking tools

With Ground Game you always know where your field teams are.  Ground Game is an easy-to-use mobile app with a customizable questionnaire for your sales reps to qualify leads on iPads and Android Tablets.


Ground Game shows the location of dozens of Sales Reps in Real-Time

As the field manager you have a sophisticated interface where you can instantly see on a map where all your sales people are, how many addresses they have visited and how many leads they have generated. You can even follow the movement of your canvassers while you are looking at detailed aerial photos of the houses they visit.  Our customers report up to a 40% increase in the productivity of their field teams.  With Ground Game you will instantly see who is performing and who is not.  The data that your field teams collect is automatically uploaded and made available in the management interface.  You can have your in-house sales people follow up on leads immediately after the lead was generated to increase your closing rate.


A sales rep is shown on a detailed aerial photo and a histogram shows how many addresses where visited in the last hours.

Ground Game consists of two components.  Field Reps use a mobile app on their iPhones, iPads or Android devices to record information while they are in the field.  Field Managers have access to a web interface where they can create targeted walking lists and assign these to field reps – even as they are out in the field.  The information that is collected in the field is uploaded to Moonshadow’s central servers whenever an Internet connection is available and this collected data is made available in the Ground Game web interface for field managers.  We also record the exact location and the time that the questionnaire was answered.  As a result field managers can always see where their sales reps are.  We have now added sophisticated tools in Ground Game that allow you to instantly see over any time period how many addresses each of your reps have visited.  With the spreadsheets tool field managers can generate spreadsheets showing the activity of each rep per hour, day or week.


Spreadsheets can be exported showing the number of leads generated per day by each sales rep.

Ground Game works worldwide – even if no Internet connection is available.  For use in the US Ground Game comes pre-loaded with detailed data on over 150 million adults on 100 million addresses.  You can select your targets with detailed demographic information such as income level, value of residence, presence of children, age, gender, ethnicity etc.  This means your field teams don’t waste time knocking on the wrong doors.

With the new tools in Ground Game field managers get much better control over the work of their field reps, the data collection process is streamlined, field operation costs are reduced and the closing rate increases.

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