Door-to-Door Sales will never be the same again.  No more random selections, no more knocking on doors without knowing who lives there, no more double visits, no more clipboards or hand written notes, no more losing track of sales people in the field and no more data entry (if it was even happening in the first place).  The Ground Game mobile app completely changes the way door-to-door sales are done.  Ground Game was developed for political canvassing and it has won numerous awards from political organizations.  It is now being rolled out for commercial use nationwide.


Sales Reps use a Mobile App and Sales Managers have an online interface in Ground Game

Here’s how it works.  Ground Game consists of two components: an online management interface for sales managers (1) and a mobile app for sales people (2).  A sales manager opens the Ground Game management interface in his web browser.  The interface looks like Bing Maps because.  .  .  it is based on Bing Maps.  You can look at any area of the country in detail on maps, satellite images or detailed aerial photos.  The sales manager has all of the controls of Bing Maps to zoom in or out and navigate around.  There is only one difference: population data is displayed over Bing Maps as a colored layer.  The information is refined as you zoom in and when you look at a single house you can click on it so see who lives there.  Ground Game includes near-complete population data for the US.  The system includes more than 220 million people at over 120 million addresses.  The data is very rich and includes family composition, age, income level, property values, presence of children and hundreds of other data elements.  You can color the data by any data element.  If you color the data by income, for instance, you instantly see which parts of town are more affluent than others.  Suppose a company sells a product and its market is families with children with over $75,000 in annual income.  With a few clicks the sales manager selects these people and Ground Game immediately shows where these people live.  Now the sales manager draws polygons in Ground Game to select groups of his target market.  These groups of people are saved in Walking Lists.  The walking list is then assigned to a sales person.


A Sales Manager creates a walking list in Ground Game and assigns it to a Sales Rep with an iPad

Sales associates use the Ground Game mobile app.  The app is available on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.  For Apple users Ground Game is downloaded from iTunes.  Android phone and tablet users download Ground Game from Google Play.  When a sales rep opens Ground Game it displays the Walking Lists that are assigned to him or her.  The Ground Game app shows the walking lists both on maps or as a listing per street.  Only the houses selected by the sales manager are shown.  So the sales rep will only knock on doors with at least $75,000 in annual income and a high likelihood of children.  Before the sales associate knocks on a door he or she calls up the information on the household.  The names and ages of the residents are shown as well as other important data.  Ground Game also includes a survey with questions.  The sales rep can instantly qualify the leads and save the information immediately in Ground Game.  It does not matter if there is no Internet connection when the sales rep enters the information.  The Ground Game app stores it on the mobile device and sends it off to the central servers as soon as an Internet connection is found again.


Sales Managers view residences in Ground Game, Sales Reps answer questions in the Ground Game App.

Once the survey questions are sent to the Ground Game central servers they become available instantly to the sales manager.  Sales Managers get instant access to all the answers that were collected in the field.  They can see where each of their sales reps is at any time.  If they see that an associate will run out of doors to knock on then the sales manager simply creates a new walking list and assigns this to the associate.  The new walking list is automatically sent to the associates’ mobile device and he or she can continue to work without having to go back to the office.  The collected information in Ground Game can be used immediately to start processing orders or follow up on leads by staff in the back office.  There is no delay.  Order processing staff can follow up with a call ten minutes after a sales rep closed a sale.  The new customer will be impressed by the efficiency.


Sales Managers use survey results as filters in Ground Game

Ground Game dramatically increases the productivity of the sales people in the field and streamlines the information but it does not stop there.  As sales people knock on doors and record information data is added to the central database.  This data is the company’s property and it becomes very valuable in the future.  Any answer that is recorded becomes a selection filter.  Suppose you are selling a product to households with over $75,000 with children in high school.  The sales rep can enter that the oldest kid in the household was ten.  In two years you know that this is a residence you need to visit.

Ground Game changes the way door-to-door sales are done.   There are no more random selections; because the sales manager has access to detailed population data, only residences in the target group are assigned to the sales reps.  No more knocking on doors without knowing who lives there; before a sales rep knocks on a door he or she looks up the names, ages and other information of the residents.  No more double visits; as soon as a residence has been visited by one sales rep it is removed from the walking lists of other sales reps.  No more clipboards or hand written notes; all information is instantly recorded on an iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet.  No more losing track of sales people in the field; sales managers follow the location and productivity of sales reps in real time.  No more data entry; the data is already on the sales managers screen before the rep returns to the back office.

With Ground Game door-to-door sales have entered the 21st century.
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