• Big Data meets blazing-fast geospatial visualization

    Moonshadow Mobile works with large databases, from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of records. We visualize “big data” over maps.

  • Hundreds of millions of interactive points on maps

    Our intuitive user interfaces are built around the familiar Bing and Google Maps environments, so it only takes minutes – not hours or days – to get up to speed.

  • Bring your data to life!
    Visualize your business data, resources and assets.

    As an essential part of business intelligence, data mapping and visualization allows you to see the concepts and results in more interesting and useful ways to make faster and better-informed strategic, managerial and operational decisions.

  • Web-based solutions running in the cloud.  No software to download and install.

    We make it easier to navigate, search and visualize data in practical ways on desktop, laptop and mobile platforms. All you need is a web browser and fast Internet connection.

Patent-pending technology built to retrieve and visualize big data faster.

What we sell is “speed, capacity and affordability.”  Moonshadow Mobile visualizes bigger datasets in online mapping environments faster than anyone else.  Our technology works with any dataset that includes a location-based component such as a street address, census block or longitude and latitude coordinates.  The underlying data can be about people, places, products, voters, customers, employees, assets, venues, events, demographics, planning, the environment – it doesn’t matter as long as there is a location included for each data record.

The more data you have the more you’ll be blown away by our speed.

Some examples of the big datasets Moonshadow Mobile works with include registered voter data for all 50 states and Census data for the entire U.S. population.  The data is visualized as interactive points on maps, using familiar online mapping environments such as Bing or Google Maps.  With just a few mouse clicks users can analyze and filter the data and interactive map points using any combination of attributes contained in the underlying dataset.  Instantly see the results visualized on the map. And when we say “instantly” we mean “instantly.”