Visualize and analyze big data faster over maps


Byte-size Your Data

We’ve broken the one byte per value barrier. We shrink your database footprint to less than one byte per value for virtually any data type – text, Booleans, INT, SMALLINT, decimal, numeric etc.


Faster is Better

Access records from your big databases at speeds of approximately 10 nanoseconds per record. This means that you can retrieve 100 million records per second per processor core with standard commodity servers.


In-Memory NoSQL

By storing 10 times as much data in memory on each server Moonshadow’s Ephemeris technology requires 90% fewer servers and significantly lower ongoing costs when compared to traditional solutions.

Revolutionary geospatial visualization solutions

Moonshadow Mobile works with large databases, from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of records. We visualize “big data” over maps. Our intuitive user interfaces are built around the familiar Bing Maps environments, so it only takes minutes – not hours or days – to get up to speed. We make it easier to navigate, search and visualize data in practical ways on desktop, laptop and mobile platforms. All you need is a web browser and fast Internet connection. There is no need to download or install software.

As an essential part of business intelligence, data mapping and geospatial visualization of big data allows you to see concepts and results in more interesting and useful ways to make faster and better-informed strategic, managerial and operational decisions.

DB4IoT is a time-series database engine for IoT data that powers unparalleled geospatial visualization performance for
“the Internet of Moving Things.”

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