Powering Analytics of Big Data for the “Internet of Moving Things”


Moonshadow’s DB4IoT has the potential to transform operations and optimizations for public transit agencies, inform short and long term transportation planning and engineering efforts and unleash the potential of connected vehicle data. DB4IoT can track and display the GPS location, vehicle health, diagnostic, and other sensor data, from tens of thousands of moving objects simultaneously over interactive maps. Visualize data over maps in real time and play back historical data animations with analytics and dashboards.

Byte-size your data

We’ve broken the one byte per value barrier. We shrink your database footprint to less than one byte per value for virtually any data type – text, Booleans, INT, SMALLINT, decimal, numeric etc.

Faster is better

DB4IoT executes queries on databases with hundreds of millions of records in 100—200 milliseconds. DB4IoT can map tens of thousands of moving objects multiple times per second.

More data in memory

By storing up to 10 times as much data in memory Moonshadow’s Ephemeris and DB4IoT technologies require up to 90% fewer servers, lowering ongoing costs when compared to traditional solutions.

Visualize and analyze your Big Data faster over interactive maps

Geospatial visualization delivers fresh insights by allowing users to easily recognize key spatial relationships and correlations within large data sets. Visualizing those relationships along with charts, graphs and dashboards unlocks fresh perspectives and insights that might otherwise remain hidden. Whether you are dealing with real-time data, time-series data or static data, Moonshadow’s cutting-edge, patented database engines and geospatial visualization capabilities provide state-of-the-art analytics solutions. We shrink the database footprint, deliver blazing-fast data access speeds and require fewer server resources to deliver immediate ROI for our clients.

Visualize and analyze time-series IoT data with blazing-fast interactive maps for the Internet of Moving Things.

DB4IoT can track and display the time-series GPS location, CAD/AVL and other sensor data from tens of thousands of moving objects simultaneously over interactive maps. Track, monitor and analyze both real-time and historical data.

Route Analyst GTFS delivers performance
analytics from your GTFS feeds

DB4IoT Route Analyst GTFS creates speed, delay and headway maps, charts and graphs instantly from GTFS and GTFS-RealTime data feeds provided by public transit agencies helps identify performance bottlenecks and ways to improve them.
Route Analyst GTFS